Facebook Fatigue

Earlier this year I decided to close my Facebook account. I had been on the site a total of nine years which is an eternity for online services.  Joining the site in its infancy was interesting. There wasn’t a news feed. There wasn’t a mobile app. It wasn’t even called Facebook, it was The Facebook. A person had only their profile and a way to easily find people who were in the same college courses. A lot has changed since inception, a news feed was added that initially had everyone up in arms calling the feature “stalker book” but eventually people fell in line and since then, every update has been a calculated move towards openness on the site. Facebook has matured into a large platform that has added value, but has also made me very concerned with the future of the web.

I could write in great detail the many reasons why I left the site, but it really just boils down to a few key points: privacy, social obligations, and happiness. Read more →