Hello world!

Hello world! That’s the first pre-created entry you are met with when you start a blog. There must be millions of these entries existing across the web today. Hundreds of thousands of people ready to take on the world with their words. The sad truth is that blogs tend to require more work than one initially believes. Many become abandoned after 1 year, a mere six months, or even after a single entry. Even I have succumbed to blog abandonment. So why start again?

Blogs mean different things to different people. I’m now past the age where I can rant on Livejournal and I don’t care much about posting pictures of my dinner for people to comment on. So where does that leave me? There’s still plenty of blog-centric ideas and concepts I could cover. Overall, I feel that this blog will sit comfortably on the line of personal adventures and creative business projects. Choosing this route allows me to give some insight into who I am and what I’d like to do to make money.

Stay tuned.