My Evening With Cold Cave

My Evening With Cold Cave

Last weekend I had the opportunity to catch a free show at The Getty. Saturdays Off The 405 is a music series that the museum puts on every summer and the last show usually falls in October. The closing band this season was Cold Cave, a darkwave band that composes members of American Nightmare, AFI, Samhain, and Blood Brothers. A veritable super group of my teenage years.

I made it a point to get out of my usual routine and stop by the museum to check this show out. The performance ended up being much more meaningful to me than I could have imagined. Not because of the music but more of the fact that I was faced with an epiphany. I needed to adapt. Since high school, my wardrobe has been modified very little, I’ve grown a beard, but overall I’m still the same person.

I need to grow and experience some new things or risk being stagnant. Seeing Wesley Eisold sing rather than scream lyrics and Hunter Burgan playing an entirely different style of music gave me assurance that I need to change.  I walked away from the performance gaining respect for my musical heroes and also looking to better myself. In order to survive and actually thrive, I need to make some key changes in how I operate.

It’s not often that I feel such a powerful urge to do something. I’m going to harness what I felt that night and use it to make something of 2013. I’ve been patient for far too long.