The Sequel

I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about how to approach the dreaded second entry of this blog. The first post is meant to set the format and tone while the second dictates the possible pacing that readers will come to expect. As it stands right now, I’ve aligned myself with semi-annual updates. A pace which I hope to improve upon.

Lots of stuff has happened since my previous post. I successfully completed a marketing campaign for an eyewear company, started a podcast, created an online presence for a short film, and also conducted interviews with bands throughout the world. I also had a birthday but to me, birthdays are now more about eliciting thoughts of things I wish to accomplish and places I need to travel rather than enjoying cake and gifts. I’m in a transitional stage, a place where you are constantly reminded of your peer’s successes (and sometimes failures) and a place where the rockstars and professional athletes are now younger than yourself. And while I’m proud of the foundation I’ve built, I still feel that I have a long road ahead before I feel a great sense of contentment.